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Driving Home Animal Safety: Never Leave Pets in a Hot Car


Dog left in hot car

Never leave your cats, dogs and other pets in a hot car.

With the summer sun set high in the sky comes the threat of people and animals trapped in a hot car. Yet, unlike us, animals have no means of escaping the life or death situations that can occur if left inside a car during the summer.

You should never risk leaving an animal alone in the car, even if you only plan to be away for a few minutes.

heat-safety-weekEven if you park in a shaded area or crack the window, temperatures can climb to more than 120 degrees within just a few minutes. All the while, the body temperature of your pet will continue to rise. If their temperature rises above 106 degrees, your pets can suffer heatstroke, resulting in seizures, organ damage and even death.

Before you head out with your pets in tow, consider whether or not you will be traveling to places that require you to leave them inside the vehicle. If you are, it’s best to leave them at home rather than risk their health or safety.

What to Do If I Find an Animal Trapped in a Car

If you should spot an animal trapped inside a car, take immediate action to prevent harm to the animal:

  • First, call 911 and request emergency assistance from your local law enforcement.
  • Second, contact the Houston SPCA at 713-869-SPCA (7722) to report this form of animal cruelty.
  • Third, notify management of any adjacent stores or businesses of the make and model of the vehicle. They may be able to page for the owner who can open the vehicle.

Together, let’s ensure a safe and healthy summer for all creatures great and small. Thank you for being proactive in protecting animals throughout Houston.

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Houston SPCA Summer Heat Safety Week

The information contained in this article is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any ailment or disease, and is provided for reference. Please consult with your veterinarian with questions or concerns related to heat safety.