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Getting to Know Your Houston SPCA: Meet Tara, Vice President of Animal Welfare

Welcome back to our ‘Getting to Know Your Houston SPCA’ series on the Houston SPCA’s Humane Education Blog!

Today, we are interviewing one of the hardest working people I know at the Houston SPCA, our Vice President of Animal Welfare – Tara!

Humane Education Blog: Welcome to the blog, Tara. So glad you could make it! Let’s start with the basics, how long have you worked for the Houston SPCA?

Tara: 5 years.

HEB: That’s awesome! Could you describe what a typical day is like heading our Animal Welfare Department?

Tara: Every day is completely different. There is so much going on all the time. Some days I go out with the rescue team for a large-scale rescue. Other days, I have to go to court to help ensure we are keeping the animals of Houston safe. There are administrative duties that I take care of as well as the animal adoption process. It is part of our mission to make sure the animals we rescue find new, loving homes and are adopted as quickly as possible. I really help with whatever is going on at the shelter that needs me. There is no such thing as a normal day.

HEB: You must always be incredibly busy! What is your favorite part of your day?

Tara: Definitely the surprises. Periodically, I hear someone bringing an animal down the hallway in our offices and it is so much fun to see around the corner and meet the animal that is walking by.

HEB: How does it feel to work for the Houston SPCA?

Tara: It feels amazing to be a part of an organization that changes the lives of animals and humans every day. 

HEB: After a long day at work, what music do you turn on while driving home?

Tara: Anything Bon Jovi. 

HEB: Do you have any pets at home?

Tara: I have an English Bull Dog named Sherman and 4 cats named Max, Sampson, Deacon, and Pudge.

Tara Sherman Blog

Tara Sherman Blog 2

HEB: What is your favorite animal-related book?

Tara: The Velveteen Rabbit or Dewey the Library Cat

HEB: What was the most unusual animal you have worked with at the Houston SPCA?

Tara: Definitely Betsy the bear. I had the amazing opportunity to accompany Betsy on her trip to a wildlife refuge in Romania. 

Betsy Pic 4

HEB: What is your favorite reality animal TV show?

Tara: Animal Cops: Houston. 

HEB: Last question – a very important question – if you were a bear attending a picnic, what would be your ideal sandwich?

Tara: Peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Bear Eats a Sandwich on Make A Gif

Thank you Tara for taking the time to hang out with the Humane Education Blog today! We know you have to get back to making sure that all of the animals at the Houston SPCA are being given the best care possible and we thank you for everything you do.

To help Tara and the Houston SPCA staff take care of sick, injured and orphaned animals, please consider donating today! Just click here.


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