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Happy New Year!

Tonight’s the night – we pop open the champagne, make a bunch of New Year’s resolutions that we may or may not keep, and enjoy the celebrations around the world as the clock strikes 12! But have you prepared your pets for this evening’s festivities?

Dog resolutions

Many celebrations will include glamorous, festive parties along with loud and colorful fireworks – all of these can be so much fun for humans but our pets may not understand that it is New Year’s Eve.

I want a cat to be my DJ for New Year’s Eve!

The loud bangs, whistles, and popping sounds can make Fido or Fluffy become scared or agitated. If you do not keep an eye out for your pets, they may even become lost in all of the excitement. That would be one of the worst ways to start the new year.


To help keep your furry friends safe this New Year’s Eve, follow these simple tips from the Houston SPCA!

1. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with identification tags. Those tags should have your CURRENT information such as phone number or address. And yes, even CATS need collars – we prefer the break-away / safety collars. A microchip is always a good idea to ensure your pet always has your information.

2. Keep all pets indoors in a quiet area that is familiar to them. Give them fresh water and safe toys to play with. Dogs who are crate trained might be most comfortable in their kennels where they are safe from loud, scary noises. Cats will do best in a bathroom or utility room with food, water, and their litter box.

dog-fireworks hiding

3. Dogs who are scared easily by loud noises have been known to jump high fences and dig holes to escape the sound of fireworks. Indoor animals should be kept away from large glass windows or doors that they might crash right through if running away from scary noises!

4. While the humans in the family might be partaking in festive foods and alcohol, keep those items away from your pets. You do not want to have to take them to the emergency vet on this fun night!

Always remember to keep an eye on your pet and keep your veterinarian’s information, as well as the local animal emergency clinic’s information in a designated area close to a phone.

From everyone here at the Houston SPCA, we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you and your pets have a fantastic 2014!


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